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The Beautiful Dresses of WiGi Make Girls Gorgeous to Capture | WiGi Moda

The Beautiful Dresses of WiGi Make Girls Gorgeous to Capture

The Beautiful Dresses of WiGi Make Girls Gorgeous to Capture

When the TV play Let’s Get Married just came to an end, my parents started to be busy with finding a man for me. To tell the truth, I have not paid much attention to it. Such deliberate arrangements like wrapping up rice dumplings are too insincere. In a word, I do not like the blind dates organized by my parents. Though some men in blind dates are tall, handsome and charming with cars and houses, I have never been fascinated by them. However, I have made a decision after I finish watching the TV play, namely taking the initiative to marry a man.

The hero is my high school classmate. At that time, he was a charming man who was popular in our school while I was just an unknown ugly duck who just studied hard. Even though both of us were admitted by the same prestigious university, he did everything smoothly and won many honors in the university environment. During the four years in university, we only smiled at each other when coming across. Around him were always a number of school beauties who were well-dressed and fashionable.

We have graduated from university for five years. By chance, he is discovered by a head-hunting company and recommended to act as the manager in the department I am in charge of. As the chairman secretary, we can always see each other in the company. He says it is destiny that we can see each other in the same company as old classmates and insists on treating me. I consent due to his gracious invitation.

The time is arranged in this evening. I have been thinking about which dress I should wear. He is absolutely a man with taste in fashionable dresses. In university days, I saw many fashionable dresses designed by domestic and foreign top fashion designers from his space, blogs and Renren. It was not surprising. He majored in Design in university. I only met him a few times. He always wore fashionable dresses. His temperament was too strong to kill any girl in love.

When I have no idea, I choose the costume of WiGi J. Series subordinate to WiGi due to the recommendation of my good friend. Unique clipping and design highlight my personality and temperament; decent sleeves and trouser legs embody my elegance; wearing a pair of sunglasses, I am just too perfect and glamorous. He praises me like so. Though the dress is matched by my good friend, I kindly accept his uncommon praise. Later, he expresses his love to me, which is totally beyond my expectation. He tells me that he starts to secretly love me from high school, but I always escape from him. He is very sincere and wants to marry me. I smile brightly and satisfactorily.


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