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Gary and Chrissie Live Concert in Reno | WiGi Moda

Gary and Chrissie Live Concert in Reno

Gary and Chrissie Live Concert in Reno

With iMusic Production, WiGi Collection specially invited Gary Chaw, vocal king of golden melody under the focus of millions of people, and Chrissie Chau, special honored guest, particularly to host a vocal concert at Reno Event Center on Oct. 4. Having debuted for more than a decade, Gary Chaw had received the acknowledgment for vocal king of award for golden melody as well as hosted tour sing across the world for many times. This time Gary Chaw eventually brought the vocal concert to Reno Event Center under the focus of millions of people. Gary Chaw valued this even more, hoping everyone can see a more authentic Gary through this vocal concert. According to what is learned about, due to the recent hot broadcast of the second season of “Where are we going Dad”, singer Gary Chaw whose popularity was always rising originally had received more attention. He is a proverbial talent in creation within the music circle who once won the grand prize for the best male singer in Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards. Additionally, his performance which amazed the audience in “I am a singer 2” makes many fans cry straightforward that they hoped to attend Gary Chaw’s vocal concert and could not wait but witness the golden melody singer’s mien on the stage. On the very day, the vocal concert was filled to capacity with the whole audience. Everyone had an exciting moment together along with Gary Chaw’s music. Chrissie Chau’s appearance during the performing course even pushed the whole atmosphere to the higher! Within the short 2 hours, the vocal concert ended very quickly. The field audience did not give full expression to their views in the impassioned atmosphere. The clubbing event following the vocal concert became an activity for letting off their exciting motion very certainly! Chrissie Chau served as DJ in person, experiencing with everyone the night in Reno!

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This vocal concert was a great success. Thanks again very much for everyone’s support for WiGi’C. Please follow Facebook.com/WiGiCollection for more information about Gary Chaw’s live vocal concert.


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