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WiGi Explore Luxury Classic T-Shirt

WiGi Explore Classic Black T-Shirt

Luxury fashion clothes

The Explore Series Luxury Classic T-Shirt
– Inspired by Olduvai

The design of WiGi Explore is from the exploration of human’s origin. We all share common ancestors among the ancient bones discovered in the the Olduvai Gorge in Africa. We have evolved and changed but we all have that inner spirit still inside us. No matter what kind of statement we believe in , African Homo erectus, Olduvai, they represent a new start, let’s go forward to find our own answers. Follow WiGi Design, explore from origin, find your style from your heart.

Eco-Friendly Modern Materials

Our T-shirts are created using the latest environmentally friendly materials. The materials and additives we use are nontoxic, certified as an eco-textile. This fabric is a unique mesh of high-grade cotton and high-grade fiber. It has the feel and moisture absorbing properties of soft cotton but has the smooth feel and elegance drape of silk. It still uses the most popular woven mesh, which make its plasticity and elasticity higher than other normal blends. Its an ideal fabric for those seeking healthy, comfortable, beautiful and environmentally friendly garments. It is washable, quick drying, and convenient for wash and wear.

We accept VIP customization and launch a limited edition design irregularly to meet the greatest needs of customers, and you can contact us for more details. We’ll do our best to meet your Luxury demand.

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